Friday, November 23, 2012

Merry Goopmas! Part 1: Doing It For the Kids

Goop has released its holiday gift guide and it is simply inspired! Throughout the week I will be going through piece-by-piece of this incredible collection and sharing my thoughts and opinions. Up first, the selection for the kids in your life!
"A few years ago, a friend gave our family this personalized cutting board which I love from Marnie Moyle in the UK, but you can find similar at old goop faithful,The Monogram Shop." - Goop
You know, I've long said that children need to be able to freely play with knives. Getting them a cutting board with their name on it will help them ease into cutting, whether fruits, vegetables, themselves or each other, it's all about early education.
Alexandra Llewellyn crafts super deluxe backgammon boards in several elegant designs. Boards can be personalized with initials and special messages. Now, if you’re looking for a completely bespoke board, sky’s the limit with prices to match. A true work of art and a unique present for a family friend.

Ah, backgammon, who doesn't love backgammon? Oh, that's right, nobody loves backgammon. Even the inventors of backgammon were like "eh, let's just play checkers instead." However, as I am never one to disagree with the eternal teachings of goop, I do agree this would make a phenomenal gift. It says "I care enough to buy you a gift but not enough to put any thought into what you might actually use." So, yet again, another great gift for your children. Let them know you love them but they should still go to the nanny for any life questions they may have because mommy is too busy spending daddy's money to worry about their adorably insignificant, little lives.

"Such a simple gift for a kid – a wooden rope swing to hang on a tree in your backyard. Have a name or special message engraved on it at Kaufmann Mercantile."     - Goop                

 Such a simple gift for a kid - a pair of matching nooses to hang themselves from a tree in your backyard. Have a name or special message engraved in it so they know just how much you want them to die. This is perfect for those creepy ginger twins that live across the street or that annoying tween in your life with a Romeo & Juliet complex who think everyone is out to ruin their relationship.

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